Drug and Alcohol Testing or Drug and Alcohol Screening is becoming increasingly important in the workplace as the impact of alcohol and other recreational drug use can present a serious risk to health and safety.

To ensure an efficient and accurate Drug and Alcohol Test, we offer two forms of testing: Saliva and Urine.


Urine Drug Testing

Urine Drug testing is conducted in accordance with current requirements, with collection being either supervised or witnessed by the collector as per the client’s drug policy requirements. Nurses and Doctors are trained to ensure end-to-end chain of custody and specimen integrity. The instant immunoassay device test is simple and effective, with results visually interpreted within minutes.

Any initial non-negative urine drug test result requires confirmatory testing via an Accredited Laboratory (we use QML) who then provides a legally defensible confirmatory result in as quickly as 48-hours.

Alcohol Breathiliser Testing

Our trained staff perform Breath Alcohol testing consistent with current requirements using calibrated, hand-held electronic device. A second positive breath alcohol test performed 15 minutes after the first positive is a legally defensible confirmatory result. Alternatively a Urine Alcohol test can be performed, however the result will only show negative or non-negative – it will not give an actual percentage reading.

Benefits of Instant Urine Drug Testing 

Our instant testing services are accredited and have a quick turnaround time for results.

  • Indicative non-negative or negative results in six class drugs including Methamphetamines, Cocaine, Marijuana, Opiates and Benzodiazepines.
  • Integrity and adulteration tests to assist in identifying result tampering.
  • Picks up drugs from 2 months prior

Alcohol Breathaliser Testing

  • Give a percentage reading

Saliva Drug Testing

  • Saliva Drug device testing is an oral fluid based immunoassay test for illicit and/or prescription drug use and is performed consistent with current requirements.  This test is simple and discrete, with results visually interpreted within minutes. Indicative non-negative or negative results in five class drugs including Methamphetamines, Cocaine, Marijuana and Opiates.
  • Non-Negative oral fluid samples are sent for confirmatory testing to an Accredited Laboratory.
  • Usually used for Random Testing or incident testing.  Picks up for 48 hours prior.